Combine Icons & Enhance Learning

Combine Icons of Depth and Complexity and Content Imperatives

These tools are powerful in isolation, but become even more power when combined with other critical thinking tools.  In combination, these tools take understanding to an entirely new level.  Show students how to combine the prompts from the Depth and Complexity framework to enhance understanding.

The goal is for students to begin to combine the icons themselves as they become more proficient with the different tools.


Combine Icons: Multiple Points of View


The Multiple Perspectives icon can be combined with any of the other Depth and Complexity or Content Imperative prompts.  Combining the prompts provides students with the opportunity to explore things in at a higher level.  For example, consider how exploring details on WWII from multiple points of view gives a better understanding of the war.  Alternately, think about how examining words (and word choice) from different perspectives can provide a deeper and more complex understanding of: literature; establishing and maintaining power; and to conflict.

Image of Change over Time

Combine Icons: Change Over Time

Image of Change over Time

Combine the Change Over Time icon with any of the other Depth and Complexity or Content Imperative prompts.  Consider having students explore how (and why) rules have changed over time.  Rules can be defined as written and unwritten rules.  You might also have students explore why rules change for people of certain ages.

Another combined prompt is, Perspectives Change Over Time.  This  can apply to many different areas of study and exploration.  Students might explore how (and why) perspectives on civil rights have changed over time.

Think about combining the Ethical Issues and Change Over Time icons. Here, you might prompt students to consider, "How and why have ethical issues have changed over time?".  Alternately, you might prompt them to consider what contributes to something being defined as an ethical issue.

Iconic Statements

Students can use the Iconic Statement Frame to plug in thinking tools to create a statement that they will then prove with evidence.
Teachers should model how to use this frame to create statements and prompts, but the real power comes in transitioning the ownership to students.

Statements can be left as is and provide room for a broad application. "Change over time influences perspectives" can be applied to many different concepts and events.  Statements can also be turned into more specific prompts.  Prove by explaining how time has changed our perspective on acceptable mining techniques since the Gold Rush era.