Universal Theme- Adaptation

Envision Gifted. Universal Theme AdaptationThe Universal Theme Adaptation is typically given to our students in grades 3-4.  You can start the year by examining the need for adaptation in our lives, in the classroom, etc.  Where do we see adaptation?

Universal Theme - Adaptation in Language Arts

Below are some questions that can be integrated into a variety of stories throughout the year.  Although they are tied to a grade level for the purposes here, there is no reason you can't use them across grade levels.  This is perfect for a multi-grade class, because both grade levels can use it with the story they are reading.

Envision Gifted. Universal Theme Adaptation Questions
Envision Gifted. Universal Theme Adaptation


Envision Gifted. Universal Theme. Adaptation Students ProveWith this activity, students must use textual evidence to prove a generalization involving the theme Adaptation.

Download the student file below.

Universal Theme Adaptation