Content Imperatives

Envision Gifted. Origin - Content Imperatives
The beginning, root, or source of an idea or event

Envision Gifted. Convergence- Content Imperatives The coming together or meeting point of events or ideas.

Content Imperatives are part of the Depth and Complexity Framework. They are an additional layer of thinking tools that facilitate a sophisticated analysis.  Like Depth and Complexity, these tools were created by Dr. Sandra Kaplan and Bette Gould, USC under the auspices of OERI, Javits Curriculum Project T.W.O., 1996.

Envision Gifted. Content Imperatives (Depth and Complexity Framework)


Envision Gifted. Paradox- Content Imperatives The contradictory elements in an event or idea.

Envision Gifted. Parallel- Content Imperatives

Ideas or events that are similar and can be compared to one another

Envision Gifted. Contribution- Content Imperatives The significant part or result of an idea or event

Paul Revere- Contributions