Think Like a Disciplinarian

Why Think Like a Disciplinarian?

Teaching students to think like a disciplinarian is an engaging approach that allows students to gain familiarity with academic disciplines.  It also provides a rationale for learning and helps students to make sense of what they are learning.

What is a Disciplinarian?

An academic disciplinarian is an expert in a particular field of study. Academic disciplines are branches of learning or scholarly instruction in which degrees may be earned at the college or university level. Disciplinarians teach, conduct research and publish their findings in peer-reviewed scholarly journals.
They may also be experts in an applied field, where they use their expertise to perform specialized tasks rather than conduct basic research. Many disciplinarians have expertise and collaborate with others in different disciplines. Fields of study usually have several sub-disciplines or branches.

TLAD List: TLAD Science Academic Discipline

I kept the informational text in classroom library categorized by disciplinarian.  Each had a disciplinarian card with language of the discipline.

Think like a Geologist

Think like a Herpetologist

Think like an Ecologist

Think like an Entomologist

Utilizing Frames with TLAD-

6th Grade Example Think Like an Ecologist

Align Standards with Discipline

Layer Thinking Tools

Single Discipline Frame